Blue Box IP

Blue Box IP is the latest product line joining the gap between network technology and vessel management. The latest system includes both high definition and analog inputs to become the first complete vessel recording system.

With systems installed on fleets’ throughout North America the Blue Box IP has a proven track record of reliability and durability.

New features like HD Radar Recordings, AIS/GPS Module and Rose Point Navigation recording license lets our system do the work for investigation, safety and claims.

blue box ip

VHF Audio Module


The latest in VHF recording technology allows us to record any VHF transceiver no matter the make or model. Easy installation with all the cables and connections provided.

Our RF detection circuitry combined with our high density microphones means Blue Box IP only records pertinent information, not wheelhouse conversations.


rf pickuprf pickuprf pickup




Our HD Radar Encoders allow Blue Box IP to record the radar video in native resolution.

The ability to playback live HD video tracks can be valuable to your safety team for training new pilots.

In the event of a radar display failure, Blue Box IP can be used as a secondary radar display in full screen mode.

radar image




AIS Module gives Blue Box IP the NMEA0183 AIS input to record all AIS traffic that is displayed on the local AIS.

ais image



GPS Module gives Blue Box IP the ability to tap into the onboard GPS or Satellite Compass NMEA0183 stream to record the ships own position, speed, course and UTC time.


gps image



PC/Rose Point Navigation software license provided by IMS gives you a single location to download all of your vessels data.

The ability to record any PC activity is also a option for Blue Box (additional license required).

PC recording



Blue Box IP Data Sheet

Blue Box IP Network Software (75mb)

Blue Box user/service manual can be requested by calling our office




Blue Box NEMA

One of our flagship products, Blue Box NEMA has been giving reliable data to many of the inland fleets across North America. The system continues to be the most affordable option for both large and small operations to record their vessel operations digitally but without the need for network support.

Blue Box NEMA will be discontinued in December of 2016. Parts will remain available for the next few years.

Blue Box NEMA Data Sheet

Blue Box NEMA Network Software

Blue Box NMEA Video Player Software

blue box nema

Blue Box Cube

For smaller vessel when space is a premium we offer our Blue Box Cube system. Same features are our NEMA product line but with only 4 inputs.

Small tug operations and smaller line vessels can have the same safety net as the larger fleets but with a much smaller footprint.

blue box cube